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Try the Bates Method for Improving Your Vision

January 7th, 2012

william bates eyesightDo you have poor vision and either can’t afford the insurance to obtain glasses or prefer not to spend money on them at all, you may very well benefit from a Bates eye exercise. This type of exercise is specifically for fixing poor vision problems in individuals without needing to spend all your money on eye care visits. There are actually several Bates exercises that you can do to correct your poor vision, and although these exercises were invented in the early 1900s, they are still just as effective today.

One of the exercises that Bates came up with was called color focusing. It’s easy to do and can be done throughout your day without it being an interruption to your regular tasks. When you wake up in the morning, choose a color that you’d like to focus on for the day. Afterwards, as you move along in your day try to point out or recognize objects of that color. Don’t worry about the shape of the object or even what it is. The object of the game is that you put your attention solely on the color. Do this every day, but with different colors.

This has been known to improve your vision significantly. Another common way to relax your eyes is through sunning and palming. While both of these exercises can be done alone, they provide better results when you do them together. First, you need to do sunning. This is where you sit in front of a table lamp with the light facing your face and your eyes closed. You’d turn your head from side to side as you imagine gazing at a point off in the far horizon. Doing this for about 3 minutes should relax your eyes and prepare them for palming.

Palming is where you position yourself in a comfortable spot, and place your palms over your eyes while they’re closed. Don’t apply any pressure to your eyes and don’t allow any light to seep in. According to Doctor Bates, if you do this and see colors and shapes rather than pure blackness then this tells you that your eyesight has been damaged. This exercise not only tells you the condition that your eyes are in, but it also forces them to relax and regain focus more naturally.

Once you’re able to achieve seeing pure blackness in this exercise, then you know that your vision has gotten better. There are also many other exercises that you can do to relax your eyes and see better such as hydrotherapy, scanning and more.


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Restore Eyesight

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