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The Importance of Hand Eye Coordination Exercises

January 11th, 2012

Hand Eye Coordination ExercisesHand eye coordination is extremely important for several reasons. Hand eye coordination involves using the eyes to lead and direct the movement of the hands. It is necessary for many careers, including sports and secretarial work. It is also essential for safe driving. Hand eye coordination is developed in young children, but sometimes difficulties arise. These problems can be improved with the use of hand eye coordination exercises.
Hand eye coordination exercises are not just for children or for those that have difficulties. The exercises can benefit everyone by strengthening their reactions to sudden movements. This is helpful in even the simplest situations, such as walking down the street. Good hand eye coordination will help prevent you from stumbling or falling and injuring yourself.

Finger exercises help those that have extreme difficulties with hand eye coordination. Occupational therapists often begin by having the patient touch each of his fingers one at a time with his thumb. He must touch the tips and not the sides. Once that is mastered, the therapist will place a hand about a foot away from the patient’s face. The patient must touch his nose, reach out to touch the therapist’s hand, and then touch his nose again.

Hand eye coordination exercises can also be done with a variety of balls. Rolling, throwing and catching balls all require the eye to track the movement of the ball. Increase the difficulty of the exercises by putting a spin on a ball while throwing it. You can also write numbers on the ball and then practice calling out the number that you see as you are about to catch it. Hitting is another skill that be practiced using a ball and bat or racket. If this is too difficult, attach the ball to the bat or racket with string.

Card games are another great way to improve hand eye coordination. Traditional card games require the eye to scan cards before moving your fingers to select the card you need. Sort cards quickly by color to further improve coordination.

For fun hand eye coordination exercises, play some computer games or video games. Computer games allow you to manipulate a mouse with your hand to select what you see on the screen. Video games require you to react quickly using a controller. The controllers may have gears or buttons, and some require you to differentiate between several buttons as you play.

If you decide to perform hand eye coordination exercises, start with simple activities before attempting more difficult ones. This will prevent you from getting hurt while allowing you to strengthen your skills.


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