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Restore Eyesight

Rebuild your Vision Naturally

The effective Bates eye exercises

October 28th, 2011

Eyes are an integral part of our lives and one cannot even imagine life without this organ. Despite it being so important, most of us do not take proper care of it and it leads to vision problems. Generally, there cure lies in the constant usage of spectacles, contacts or extensive eye surgeries. However, another method is both effective and safe. Eye exercises is the word and a specific category including bates eye exercises is very popular.

According to Bates, rest makes vision better while stress has the opposite effect. Several ways of resting the eyes are:

  • Closing the eyes for some time after a stressed-out period and thinking of something peaceful is very essential.
  • A better way to relax the eyes is to use a technique called palming. It involves covering both the eyes with the cup of your palms. Your eyes will generate a black vision. Blacker the image is, the more your eyes are relaxed.
  • Moving your eyes back and forth to check the swing of the objects is the key to relaxation. If the period of a particular object swing is small, this means that the eyes are relaxed.
  • Using the imagination fully has also proven to bring positive results. You can only retain the memory of one image with full clarity only if the eye is free of strain.
  • Catching the flashes is a clear sign of relaxation. When the eyes have been fully relaxed through palming or swinging, then there comes a moment when everything in focus becomes clear and it is better to close the eyes to imprint the clear image onto your mind.
  • Keeping the vision centered is extremely important as it reduces the eyestrain.  The retina is the area, which catches the fine details of the object, and these details diminish as the distance increases. So, one should not strain the eyes much to catch the details from a distance. Rather, one should move onto the next detail as the distance changes.
  • Enjoying the light is an integral part of bates eye exercises. This involves turning your face towards the sun or a 150-watt light bulb and closing your eyes. If you are a starter, then keep your face angled this way only for a short time. Increase the time span as the days go by.

These were some of the ways included in bates eye exercises and they have been proven to bring good results. So, the next time you are thinking of eye treatment, give these a shot.




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Restore Eyesight

Rebuild your Vision Naturally