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Online Eye Exercises Can Help You

January 17th, 2012

palming eye exerciseThere are many websites and resources available online.  There are many sites where you can take advantage of online eye exercises in order to improve you or your child’s vision in unique, fun, and creative ways.  Many of these online eye exercises are formatted to be games or fun activities so that it hardly feels as if you or your child is engaged in an activity which will cause stress or strain.  There are many different vision problems which online eye exercises can help with, and there is no shortage of ways these exercises can be used to help.

One common eyesight problem is a problem with perception.  There are many online eye exercises to help a person with perception problems.  There are games and test which improve discrimination perception skills.  Also visual memory enhancers exist in game form.  There are figure ground exercises.  There are also activities which held with visual closure and form constancy.  These are all geared towards enhancing your perception.

If you have a Lazy Eye These Exercises Will Help

January 13th, 2012

A lazy eye can be a difficult medical condition to live with in daily life.  It hinders your ability to see your world clearly and in focus.  These lazy eye exercises will not only help you see better, but they will strengthen your lazy eye and have a positive long term effect which will help you focus and overcome this condition.
There are several lazy eye exercises you can perform in order to help you start to see more clearly.  Since these exercises are a medical treatment, you should consult with your optometrist before undergoing any exercises and find out which lazy eye exercises are ideal for your particular condition.

A regular lazy eye exercise regimen has many distinct advantages.  You will soon see the benefits of incorporating them into your daily routine.  One of the major positive effects of these lazy eye exercises is the fact that they strengthen the muscles within your eye.  This means your lazy eye will build the support it need medically and become less and less noticeable over time.  Another advantage is they increase the brain to eye connection so that your vision will improve and you gain more eyesight as you continue these lazy eye exercises.

Eye Training Exercises

December 28th, 2011

Each eyeball contains six muscles that allow us to move our eyes and just like the muscles in our body, we need to exercise them.

Eye training exercises were created to help people improve sight, eye comfort, focus and coordination. Allowing your eyes to be in one position for a long period of time will cause them to become dry, sore and weak. If your eyes become dry, shut them as tightly as possible for 5 seconds, do this 5 times; this should help bring the moisture back to your eyes. You can also warm up your hands and cup them over your eyes or massage your temples. Massaging your temples will restore the blood flow to your eyes allowing in more oxygen.

If you focus on one thing for a long time frame, such as a computer or book, you may begin to strain your eyes and train them to primarily focus on a short distance. When you spend hours staring at something close to you, your eyes need to take a break. Use the eye training exercise of focusing on something that is at least ten feet away from you from at least ten minutes.

Restore Eyesight

Rebuild your Vision Naturally