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Online Eye Exercises Can Help You

January 17th, 2012

palming eye exerciseThere are many websites and resources available online.  There are many sites where you can take advantage of online eye exercises in order to improve you or your child’s vision in unique, fun, and creative ways.  Many of these online eye exercises are formatted to be games or fun activities so that it hardly feels as if you or your child is engaged in an activity which will cause stress or strain.  There are many different vision problems which online eye exercises can help with, and there is no shortage of ways these exercises can be used to help.

One common eyesight problem is a problem with perception.  There are many online eye exercises to help a person with perception problems.  There are games and test which improve discrimination perception skills.  Also visual memory enhancers exist in game form.  There are figure ground exercises.  There are also activities which held with visual closure and form constancy.  These are all geared towards enhancing your perception.

Try These Online Eye Exercises

December 24th, 2011

palming eye exercises There are many instances in our lives where we’ll focus our eyes too hard on something like our computers or television screens. When this happens, doing online eye exercises can relieve the strain that this type of focusing brings. There are a number of different eye exercises that you can do to improve the health of your eyes such as Palming. If you’re a stay at home mom who spends hours working from the computer, you certainly are aware of the strain on your eyes that follows.

This is where palming can be very beneficial. How this works is that for about 20-30 seconds you’d rub your hands together, creating heat in between them. Afterwards, place the palm of your hands over each eye. Make sure that your eyes are closed and that your palms don’t touch your eyelids. If possible, do this at a table so that you can rest your elbows on the table. The exercise is more effective when you are completely relaxed. After sitting this way for a few minutes, your eyes should feel much better.

The online eye exercise

October 19th, 2011

Various types of eye exercises are found online for children and adults. These online eye exercises help in improving vision. They improve focus and co ordination of eyes. Some of these online eye exercises include eye roll exercises, refocus exercise and eye clench.

  • The eye roll exercise is very much similar to a cat stretch for one’s eyes and shoulders. It helps in relaxing and stretching eyes that had been fixed in one position for a long time. Promoting circulation, it allows a better flow of oxygen and nutrients. This exercise can be carried out whilst sitting on a desk or by lying down which would add more relaxation. The basic idea is to roll eyes up to 20 times in the same direction after which the same is to be repeated in the other direction. Eyes are to be kept open and then rolled. The circles made should be as wide as possible and head is not to be moved along with the activity. Increased speed should be practised as more and more circles are made.

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