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Eye Correction Surgery – Advance Technology to Correct Vision Problems

November 9th, 2011

Eye Correction for eye problems has advanced astoundingly over the past decades. One of the first methods created to have eye correction surgery is to create an incision to alter the shape of the cornea for certain corrective purpose, this was called RK or Radial Keratotomy. This concept originated from Sato of the Juntendo University located in Japan. It originally involved posterior internal incisions. Although it was not proven effective for all types of patients, a lot suffered bulluous keratopathy a few years after the operation.

The modification of the RK was needed to avoid damaging corneal tissues, this later on became the first refractive eye correction surgery. This eye correction surgery was perfected by Fyodorov, a Russian Ophthalmologist. It was introduced during the 1970s and was used in the US in 1978.

A lot has changed since then, a variety of eye correction surgeries are now available both for cosmetic and elective purposes.

Different Eye Correction Available

November 5th, 2011

eye correction surgeryA variety of eye correction is readily available in today’s time. Aside from the usual eyeglasses and contact lenses that are usually prescribed by your eye doctor, there are several other procedures that one can choose from.

As technology and time advances, a lot of eye correction procedures are now available today. The only problem is which one will fit the eye problem that you may have.

This is how vision inside your eyes work, visualizations starts when light enters the eye by passing through the cornea, the iris then controls and regulates the amount of light that passes through. After that, a light ray pass through the eye’s lenses which then bend and focuses to the retina. The retina works by converting the light into electrical impulses which is then sent to the brain via the optic nerve. The brain then produces the images.

How to Cure Natural Vision Problem in Children

November 4th, 2011

The first goal that you need to establish to cure natural vision problem is to state to your child how important his eyes are, making them understand how important it is will aid in the prevention of having visual problems in the future.

Cure natural vision by teaching them to rest their eyes after watching TV for some time and to keep their eyes moist. Doing this natural treatment will seem like a day to day activity for your child once he gets used to it. Developing good habit is one of the things you should be able to nurture in your children while they are still young. Flushing their eyes with pure water while enjoying a time at the beach, swimming in salt water will prevent your child’s eyes from becoming red and irritated.

To be able to cure natural vision problem in children with myopia or amblyopia, certain eye exercises will certainly do the trick. It just takes some time for them to understand these things but once they get used to it, they will habitually practice these and cure natural vision problems without even noticing it.

A lot of fun ways to be able to cure natural vision can be taught to children, to make it seem like they’re playing while they are exercising their eyes. One of these is by opening and closing their eyes quickly so the eyelids and eye muscle strength will be enhanced. Another is to teach them on how they can challenge their peripheral sight through focusing ahead with their eyes fixed on what they see on both ends of their sight. Last is to let them put their finger in front of their eyes and allow them to focus on it while they touch their nose.

There are lots of ways to cure natural vision problems without seeking the intervention of a doctor or costing you a penny. Make this habit of prevention and exercise to help your child have better vision in the near future.

Eye Natural Treatment

October 23rd, 2011

Eye Natural TreatmentAll of us are extremely careful for our eyes and we may take particular care of the eye rather than the other parts of the body. Eye care and eye natural treatment with natural products and home remedies can be immensely successful if one is guided in a proper way and would surely not lead to chronic problems in the future.

Every girl for surely wishes for beautiful, sparkling and attractive eyes. You can have them sitting in your house and just by adapting to some household remedies. All you have to do is that every night before you go to sleep, dip a cotton pad in some water. In the morning then when you wake up, strain this water and add fresh water to the cup or the bowl whatever you are using. Splash your eyes with this water then by using an eye cup. You can also mix rose water with two to three drops of castor oil and dip a cotton pad in this solution. Then, place these cotton pads on the eyelids for ten to fifteen minutes. These natural eye treatments would greatly reduce eye burns and other eye problems without any side effect.

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