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Most Effective Lazy Eye Exercises

January 5th, 2012

Lazy eye or “amblyopia” is the most common cause of vision trouble for persons under the age of forty.  This condition can be corrected with simple daily activities that can be done in a way that are lazy eye exercises as well.  Correcting the lazy eye is done by strengthening the muscles and the brain connection of those muscles through lazy eye exercises.  Don’t begin exercises without the advice and consent of your eye doctor to ensure these actions will benefit your specific condition.

Most commonly used treatment for lazy eye is an eye patch.  The eye patch is place over a person’s good eye and forced the lazy eye to work harder hence strengthening those muscles.  Just like lifting weights can strengthen your arm muscles.  The human eye has many muscles that need strengthening and conditioning in order to work well.  The visual challenge that the patch produces also forces the brain to work harder in conjunction with the muscles increasing the function of the brain to eye connection.  While wearing the eye patch performing a few exercises like rolling the weak eye, focusing on an object held in front of the eye and moving the object back and forth slowly forcing the lazy eye to focus on the object.

Reading fine printed books or magazines while the dominant eye is covered will force the lazy eye to exercise its muscle and brain connection.  Crossword puzzles, newspapers and printed word games for a great way to exercise the eye without feeling like you are exercising.  Enjoying the activity you are doing will be easier to keep up a consistent and regular schedule of exercise because it becomes an enjoyable activity instead of work.  This type of exercise is recommended to be done for approximately one hour a day.

Some specialists are testing the effectiveness of a specialized computer game as therapy for lazy eye patients.  It has been developed to correct the activity of the brain’s neurons that are responsible for eye function and control.  Its purpose is to it be a quicker fix than the common eye patch exercises.  Results of testing showed that the computer game as exercise was 25 percent more effective in shortening the length of exercise time needed per month.  Average video games that children play for fun are not equivalent to the qualities of this specifically design computer game for lazy eye exercise, but children with a lazy eye can benefit from playing their fun and usual video games regularly.  It is a great way to incorporate a child’s lazy eye exercise into a regular activity that they enjoy doing.  Covering the dominant eye while your child is playing at least for an hour a day can have a dramatic benefit on their lazy eye condition.

Specialists at Tel Aviv University are testing a computer therapy game, developed in 2009, which corrects the activity of neurons in the brain that control eye function. And while it has only been tested in adults, preliminary results showed that 20 hours of playing the video game had the corrective power of 500 hours of wearing the patch.

While your average video games do not boast the same therapeutic powers, eye doctors often recommend that children play them one hour a day to exercise a lazy eye.

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