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Lazy eye Exercises: The Easy Way Out of Amblyopia

November 11th, 2011

Amblyopia or what is more commonly known as Lazy Eye wherein a developmental problem in the brain is present, unlike what others think, physical deformity in the eyeball does not exist. It happens when the affected eye cannot rapidly visualize and transmit to the brain. It then lacks stimulation thus, not developing its full visual potential.

Eye therapists have recommended lazy eye exercises as a primary manner of treating Amblyopia. During lazy eye exercises treatment, a patch is worn over the non-affected eye, thus letting the affected eye to develop more in terms of visualization. Lazy eye exercises may take a very short time to cure the Amblyopia while others take them much longer for their eyes to be cured.

Lazy eye Exercises can aid in providing quick and easy exercises that can cure Amblyopia. Here are some of the Lazy eye exercises we are talking about:

  1. Distant focus Method: It is the manner of focusing your lazy eye to a painting or a picture on the wall. This exercise can aid in the promotion of better blood circulation and strengthen the muscles of your eye.
  2. Play video games: For kids, this lazy eye exercises can be a very big help. Since they are required to focus on certain objects during a game, it will also help their eyes improve the muscles and blood circulation within it. Very few know and think that this is effective, well now we’re telling you that it is.
  3. Warm Palming Method: After a day of focusing and exercising your eyes. This lazy eye exercises will help you relax for a bit while still promoting cure for the eyes. It is done by rubbing two hands together until it’s warm, then putting one hand on the affected eye while it is closed. Massage the closed affected eye with your warm hand. This promotes blood circulation and relaxation.

Curing Amblyopia isn’t that hard as long as you comply with these exercises daily. If you want to have your eyes see naturally, then these exercises are the answer.




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