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Restore Eyesight

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Keep your eyes healthy with these simple exercises

October 18th, 2011

Along with keeping the rest of our body fit and well, it is equally essential to try to keep our eyes healthy too. Many people are at a loss when it comes to best eye exercises. They try various exercises related to eye health, but they do not work as they are supposed to. But here we will provide with the best eye exercises, to keep your eyes strain-free and healthy.

One of the best eye exercises that work wonders is the palming exercise. For that, the person should sit easily on a chair; rub his hands gently together until they are warm. He should then close his eyes and cover them gently with his warm, cupped palms. Pressure should not be applied to eyeballs, nor should his nose be covered while he performs this best eye exercise. Make sure that light does not enter his eyes between the gaps in his fingers. He should try focusing on black light. After he sees nothing but blackness, he should take his hands off and repeat Palming 2-3 times.

Massaging the eyes is another of the best eye exercise. The first massaging technique among the best eye exercises is massaging through the hot and cold compress. One towel should be soaked in cold water, the other in hot water. Taking one, it should be pressed to the face, focusing on closed eyelids, eyebrows and cheeks. Massage alternately with the two compresses, ending with the cold one.

The second massage among the best eye exercises is the full face massage. For that, the person should take a hot towel and massage his neck, cheeks and face, avoiding the eye. Then the forehead and closed eyes should be massaged using the fingertips. Included in the massaging techniques among the best eye exercises, is the third massaging method, which is the Eyelid massage. In this method, eyes should be closed and massaged with the fingertip in circular movements for 1-2 minutes. However it should be made sure that the eyes are pressed lightly and massaged with clean hands to avoid any infection. This best eye exercise helps in the immediate relieve of tiredness from the eyes.

Moving on to the other best eye exercises, rolling the eyes is very beneficial for them. The person should roll the eyes clockwise, then counter-clockwise, 5 times each. This best eye exercise helps in maintaining best focus of the eye.

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Restore Eyesight

Rebuild your Vision Naturally