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If you have a Lazy Eye These Exercises Will Help

January 13th, 2012

A lazy eye can be a difficult medical condition to live with in daily life.  It hinders your ability to see your world clearly and in focus.  These lazy eye exercises will not only help you see better, but they will strengthen your lazy eye and have a positive long term effect which will help you focus and overcome this condition.
There are several lazy eye exercises you can perform in order to help you start to see more clearly.  Since these exercises are a medical treatment, you should consult with your optometrist before undergoing any exercises and find out which lazy eye exercises are ideal for your particular condition.

A regular lazy eye exercise regimen has many distinct advantages.  You will soon see the benefits of incorporating them into your daily routine.  One of the major positive effects of these lazy eye exercises is the fact that they strengthen the muscles within your eye.  This means your lazy eye will build the support it need medically and become less and less noticeable over time.  Another advantage is they increase the brain to eye connection so that your vision will improve and you gain more eyesight as you continue these lazy eye exercises.

One of the easiest ways to complete lazy eye exercises is to use an eye patch during your exercise routine on the stronger eye which forces your lazy eye to work harder to see, becoming stronger as a result.  You can also temporarily disable the stronger eye with eye drops or a corrective lens.
Make sure that you only use lazy eye exercises with a doctor prescribed frequency.  As with all exercise too much can have a negative impact because then your lazy eye will become overly tired.

A good technique to use is rolling.  This lazy eye exercise is simply rolling your weak eye to build muscle strength.  Another lazy eye exercise is the focusing technique.  Place an object in front of your eye while wearing a patch over the stronger eye and move that object back and forth.  A similar technique is called tracking.  Instead of back and forth, this involves moving an object up and down as well as diagonally.

Other lazy eye exercises involve reading small print.  Doing this strengthens your ability to focus.  Another more fun and creative lazy eye exercise is to play video games while wearing the eye patch.  This forces your eye to focus on what is going on and due to the vision intensive nature of video games, can improve your vision when you frequently do this.  All these lazy eye exercises will improve your vision greatly.



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    I have a lazy eye due to a different focal point on each eye; therefore my brain chose the stronger eye. I had surgery as a child to cut the muscle of the eye to shorten it but it wasn’t very successful, was repeated and again without any real success. Thereafter I wore patches and glasses until I was told not to bother with the glasses as my stronger eye had 20/20 vision and the glasses were a hindrance. If I blur my vision I can pull my eye straight. Is there anything that can be done to correct my problem given the former condition I mentioned? Thanks so much.

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