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Hand eye coordination exercises

October 24th, 2011

Hand eye coordination exercisesHand eye coordination is required to perform day to day activities. Without coordination between hands and eyes, a person can end up being unable to do even the simplest of tasks. It is a way through which everyday tasks are performed. It involves a coordinated hand and vision movement for the execution of an activity for example, picking up a book and putting it somewhere else or moving solid objects like wooden blocks from one place to another etc. Hand eye coordination must be very good in players who play sports such as tennis, football, golf etc. These players have to have excellent hand eye coordination.

Many hand eye coordination exercises are there for those who want to improve their coordination. They involve workout for both, hands and eyes. These hand eye coordination exercises include exercises such as racquet sports, speed bag drills, video games, wall balls etc.

Racquet sports are similar to ping pong. You are basically required to respond to the movement of a person with a ball in your hand. The fast moving people in front of your eyes provoke you to think quickly and throw a ball at them correctly so that it hits them and you win the game. The more you play this game, the better you get at playing it and eventually end up improving your hand eye coordination.

Speed bag drills also help in improving coordination especially for boxers. Boxers have to have good hand eye coordination or else they’ll be down for a million times. They must shield and attack again and again which is why they too benefit from the speed bag drills.

Motor skills and visual perception of a person is improved quite a lot through video games. Players often learn hand eye coordination by playing video games.

In order to play wall ball, you must stand in front of a wall with a basket ball and hit it against the wall and catch it. After warming up doing the same thing, begin throwing the ball with just one hand and pushing it back when it comes towards you, without catching it. This hand eye coordination exercise is also effective.

Thus, by using these exercises, people can improve their eye hand coordination skills to a great extent. This would allow them to carry out everyday activities quickly and properly, without any problems.




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