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Hand-Eye Coordination Exercises

December 30th, 2011

Hand-Eye Coordination ExercisesHand-eye coordination is the ability to use your eyes to guide your physical activity, and this is an essential skill for both children and adults. However, many people struggle with this skill so the best way to improve your hand-eye coordination skills is to do some hand-eye coordination exercises. You can find ideas for hand-eye coordination activities on the Internet, in children’s magazines, health magazines and in some physical therapy journals. Your physical therapist can also give you ideas on how you can improve your hand-eye coordination skills.

One good hand-eye exercise is video games.  When you play video games, you’ll need hand-eye coordination because you’re always looking out for your opponent’s strategies and where his next target is. You’re also trying to strategize your next moves based on what you see in the games. This is a fun activity you can do with family and friends. Jigsaw puzzles are also good hand-eye coordination exercises. Start with a puzzle that has less than ten pieces then work your way up to more challenging puzzles.  If you have little ones at home give them some LEGO building blocks and let them have fun with these because this teaches them good hand-eye coordination.

If you’re athletic, a good hand-eye coordination exercise is sports games. Call some neighbors and friends and invite them to your home to play some on the weekends for small prizes. Some good sports to play for this purpose include football, volleyball, tennis and softball. Bike riding is another good hand-eye coordination activity because in order to ride the bike successfully, you’ll need to use your eyes as a guide.  Playing hopscotch and jumping rope are good for improving hand-eye coordination and this is especially great to play with children.

For those who want to get in shape, aerobics is a good hand-eye coordination exercise. If you’re new to aerobics, purchase workout DVDs for beginners and do the basic workouts. As you get better with the workouts, purchase some advanced aerobics DVDs.  Making kites and other handmade crafts are good hand-eye coordination exercises.  If it’s been a while since you practiced old-school cursive handwriting, print out some practice guides on this subject and improve your hand-eye coordination skills with this activity.  And if you like to dance, have a dance contest with your siblings at home.

In conclusion, proper hand-eye coordination skills allow you keep a healthy physical and mental balance when performing your tasks. It’s a skill that you’ll need at home, school, work and in emergency situations throughout life.

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