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Eye Training Exercises

December 28th, 2011

Each eyeball contains six muscles that allow us to move our eyes and just like the muscles in our body, we need to exercise them.

Eye training exercises were created to help people improve sight, eye comfort, focus and coordination. Allowing your eyes to be in one position for a long period of time will cause them to become dry, sore and weak. If your eyes become dry, shut them as tightly as possible for 5 seconds, do this 5 times; this should help bring the moisture back to your eyes. You can also warm up your hands and cup them over your eyes or massage your temples. Massaging your temples will restore the blood flow to your eyes allowing in more oxygen.

If you focus on one thing for a long time frame, such as a computer or book, you may begin to strain your eyes and train them to primarily focus on a short distance. When you spend hours staring at something close to you, your eyes need to take a break. Use the eye training exercise of focusing on something that is at least ten feet away from you from at least ten minutes. This will remind your eyes that they need to focus on things at a distance, as well. You can also modify this eye training exercise by holding an object and fully extending your arm in front of you. Slowly, bring your arm towards you while remaining focused on the object; continue to do this until the object touches your nose, stay focused on the object in front of you for a few seconds and slowly re-extend your arm while continuing to focus, repeat this exercise a few times a day.

To strengthen the muscles in your eyes, there are many easy eye training exercises that you can do. Begin with a warm up of moving your eyes slowly up and down, look at the ceiling and then the floor and back to the ceiling, do this several times. Continue to move your eyes left to right, focus on an item to the left of you and then to the right, proceed by moving your eyes back to the left and refocus on the item to your left. Once this is completed, you can begin to move your eyes diagonally, and then into patterns. Some people have found that outlining the alphabet with their eyes is the best way to work their eyes muscles. Once you have completed your eye training exercises, allow them time to rest before moving on to something else.


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  • nelson says on: October 31, 2012 at 10:30 am


    i had my lasik done around 2 years back as i had derived 1+ on my distance
    .Now the botheye has again derived at .75+and as my reading no is +2 ,i feel terrible with or without glasses
    Please let advise me

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