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Eye Crunch: What is it?

November 28th, 2011

Eye crunch is the natural effect that occurs in your eyes when you are looking at something.  Just like the parts of your mouth work differently when you are using them, the eye works in different ways depending on how it is being used.

Since we are using our eyes to see constantly when we are awake, we tend to overlook the fact that we do use them in several different ways.  Eye crunch is the way the internal parts of our eye react and send different signals to the brain depending on how the eye is used and the different parts of the eye that are being strained and utilized.

The biggest difference in how we use our eyes is when we are viewing something that is up close as opposed to something which is in the distance.  The eye crunch in each of these circumstances is different as different parts of our eyes have different parts to play and thus different strains when looking far away or looking up close.  Another example of a time when eye crunch plays a big part in how our eyes react to what we are doing is when we are reading.

Several people notice effects on their eyes that are different than when we use them passively in life that result from reading.  Some people’s eyes get watery.  Some people have blurry vision which quickly passes or have a temporary problem seeing objects that they aren’t focusing on or are farther away after an extended reading session.  This is the effect of eye crunch taking its toll on your eyesight.  These effects are temporary but can be a detriment while you are experiencing them.

Knowing about eye crunch and understanding how it can affect you allows you to better prepare for it so it can be less of a distraction and have a minimal negative impact on your life.  Not engaging in certain activities which will put a particular type of strain on your eyes for an extended period of time is the easiest way to avoid eye crunch.  If you are engaging in an activity that will, be sure and take frequent breaks in order to minimize the impact of eye crunch so your eyes aren’t working certain areas too hard.  This helps you avoid any short term discomfort and overly straining your eyes which if done too often over a prolonged period of time can cause long term deterioration to your eyes which may require medical correction.  Eye crunch is unavoidable, but you can take measures to reduce its impact.

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