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Eye Correction Surgery – Advance Technology to Correct Vision Problems

November 9th, 2011

Eye Correction for eye problems has advanced astoundingly over the past decades. One of the first methods created to have eye correction surgery is to create an incision to alter the shape of the cornea for certain corrective purpose, this was called RK or Radial Keratotomy. This concept originated from Sato of the Juntendo University located in Japan. It originally involved posterior internal incisions. Although it was not proven effective for all types of patients, a lot suffered bulluous keratopathy a few years after the operation.

The modification of the RK was needed to avoid damaging corneal tissues, this later on became the first refractive eye correction surgery. This eye correction surgery was perfected by Fyodorov, a Russian Ophthalmologist. It was introduced during the 1970s and was used in the US in 1978.

A lot has changed since then, a variety of eye correction surgeries are now available both for cosmetic and elective purposes.

Eye correction is favourable for those who have hyperopia, myopia and astigmatism. Refractive eye correction surgeries offer a variety of treatment for individuals with the eye disorders aforementioned above.

The main purpose of eye surgery is to correct the shape of the lenses or the cornea. Through this normal passage and focus of light at the back of the eye will be enhance thus allowing transmission of better light rays to the retina which is then converted into electrical impulses that is transmitted by the optic nerve to the brain for visual images that one will be able to see.

It is good to know that surgeries that are available to correct visual problems have advanced so much. Thus allowing this method to be more safe and efficient in providing the right treatment each unique individual needs. It is important that in patient’s safety be promoted first in all methods pertaining to correcting any body’s disorder. The minimal side effects and the faster recovery stage that this corrective surgery provides let us know that, indeed, technology in health provision has advanced amazingly.

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Restore Eyesight

Rebuild your Vision Naturally