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Restore Eyesight

Rebuild your Vision Naturally

Exercise to improve vision

October 16th, 2011

Eyes are a very important part of our lives that help us get through the day. The mere thought of going without them makes us terrified and yes, this is the one organ that is most misused by us. However, it is not the end, for those who already have weak eyesight and depend on contacts. There are several remedial measures to improve vision.

Diet and exercise together make a versatile combo that works really well. By following all the precise instructions, one can be sure that their sight will improve gradually. The key is to remain steadfast and not give up when positive result does not come around immediately. Everyone’s body functions differently and brings the result at varied timings.

There are several easy exercises to strengthen the eye muscles and improve vision.


Blinking is an important exercise. It is a way to freshen up the eye, enhance the ability to focus longer and relieve the strain off the eye. It is essential to blink at least every 3-4 seconds. The professionals doing a desk job should blink at a continuous rate and focus on a distant object once at regular intervals. This unravels the knots of the eyes and finishes the stress.


This relieves the person of eye stress and is helpful while using a PC. Breathe deeply before you do exercises. Close your eyes and place the palm of your hands on your eyes. The fingers should rest on the forehead and the heel on the cheekbone. Blink for some time and remove your hands. You are ready to work again.

Figure of eight:

As the name implies, this useful exercise involves imagining a huge figure of eight. You are required to sit 10 feet away from the wall and imagine a horizontal figure eight. Trace the pattern with your eyes. Start tracing on one side and then go on to the other. It is a great way to increase peripheral vision.

Near and far focusing:

This exercise increases the overall vision but gradually. Keep your thumb 10 inches in front of you and focus on it for some time. After that, focus on a distant object about 15 feet away and then return the focus to the thumb. Alternating between the two strengthens the muscles.

Zooming: This requires a seating plan. Stretch your arm fully outwards and focus on the thumb. Then bring the thumb closer to your eyes until it is almost 3 inches in front of your face. Then repeat the action.



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Restore Eyesight

Rebuild your Vision Naturally