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Eye Training Exercises Can Give Your Eyes Hope

November 29th, 2011

exercise-eyesIf you’re longing to improve your vision, eye comfort and processing ability for information, then you’ll be happy to know that there are eye training exercises such as visual therapy can help. You can use these exercises in combination with sessions that are controlled by an eye care professional to obtain the best results. Even if you don’t go to the eye doctor regularly, you can perform these exercises anywhere you desire. Not only can they improve ocular muscle response, but they also help you overcome learning disabilities that are associated with your vision.

You don’t need any special training and you don’t need any special equipment. All you need is time. The first exercise to train your eyes and keep them in good health includes the alpha ball. This exercise can actually be fun and can include other parties trying to improve or keep their eyesight healthy. What you’ll need is a beach or kick ball and a thick marker. Hang the ball from a string that is connected to the ceiling. Write letters on the ball with the magic marker of different sizes. When you’re finished, spin or swing the ball and call out the letters as you see them.

When it comes to associative skills, this exercise will help you improve them. Then there’s the thumb focusing exercise which is also easy to do. Hold out your thumb but at the level of your arms. Move it in slow circular motions and follow it with your eyes as you do. You should do this without moving your head and several times a day. This will increase the strength of your vision and help you keep your eyes active, healthy and functioning as they should be. You can also try heat eye training exercises. To do this, rub your hands together for at least a minute. During this time, they will generate heat between them.

Bates’ Method of Online Eye Exercises

November 26th, 2011

Bates MethodIf you have been struggling with poor eyesight for many years for whatever reason, then you’ll be glad to know that there is a Bates eye exercise out there that is just right for you. “What is a Bates eye exercise,” you might ask? Well, years ago in the early 1900s, a doctor by the name of William Bates came up with a group of eye exercises that would eventually be the cure for poor eyesight. Many people with poor vision would prefer not obtain glasses or surgery as a solution. So, instead they use a Bates eye exercise to correct their poor vision.

Believe it or not, when done correctly, these exercises really work. One popular Bates eye exercise includes sunning. Sunning is really supposed to be done with natural sunlight, but you can also use a lamp that has a 60-100 watt bulb. Take this lamp and sit it on a table in front of you. With your eyes closed, position the light to point at your face. If it’s too bright, you can always push it back a bit until the light is tolerable. Imagine yourself gazing off into the horizon as you turn your head from side to side.

Each turn should take about three seconds apiece, but make sure you continue to gaze until you have stopped doing the exercise. This should only be done for about 3-4 minutes. Doing it any longer could possibly damage your eyes. There’s also another Bates exercise that you might be interested in such as the long swing. This exercise works to relax your eyes and it does this by making you aware of all of the things around you. The best way to do this exercise is to obtain a long stick that will act as your pointer during this exercise.

Lazy eye Exercises: The Easy Way Out of Amblyopia

November 11th, 2011

Amblyopia or what is more commonly known as Lazy Eye wherein a developmental problem in the brain is present, unlike what others think, physical deformity in the eyeball does not exist. It happens when the affected eye cannot rapidly visualize and transmit to the brain. It then lacks stimulation thus, not developing its full visual potential.

Eye therapists have recommended lazy eye exercises as a primary manner of treating Amblyopia. During lazy eye exercises treatment, a patch is worn over the non-affected eye, thus letting the affected eye to develop more in terms of visualization. Lazy eye exercises may take a very short time to cure the Amblyopia while others take them much longer for their eyes to be cured.

Lazy eye Exercises can aid in providing quick and easy exercises that can cure Amblyopia. Here are some of the Lazy eye exercises we are talking about:

Lazy eye Exercises: Effective treatment in Amblyopia

November 7th, 2011

Lazy eye or Amblyopia is a visual system disorder that is evident through deficiency in eye vision. It means that the visual stimulation can either fail to submit or has poorly submitted through the optic nerve travelling to the brain for a continuous amount of time. If not treated immediately, this could lead to vision loss.

One of the best ways to correct this physical disorder is through lazy eye exercises. What are lazy eye exercises? It is one of the treatments towards Amblyopia that has brought effective results to people with the said disorder. Lazy eye exercises help in improving the strength of one’s eye muscles. Here are three lazy eye exercises that were made by eye therapists to help improve one’s vision:

Best Exercises for Lazy Eye

October 31st, 2011

laser eye warning exerciseLazy eye, or in other words known as amblyopic is an eye disorder that develops in early childhood. People suffering from Lazy eye, go through the inability of either eyes or both eyes to transmit images to the brain slowly. In some severe cases, this process of transmitting images to the brain is much slower. Lazy is not a disease. It cannot be easily treated by using lens or glasses. But if you apply these exercises on the Lazy eye, this disorder can be improved. Here we will offer you some helpful suggestion on Lazy eye exercises that can serve to improve the vision for a Lazy eye. These exercises will increase depth perception of the eye and maintain and develop normal vision for the eye.

A very helpful lazy eye exercise can be focusing. This exercise involves a quick shifting focus when the eye is looking from near to far. It can be applied by reading some words or figures from a paper in your hand, whilst reading them again from a piece of paper hung on the wall. This tends to improve the eye focusing ability.

Don’t be stupid! Exercise your Eyes and improve Vision!

October 29th, 2011

Having eyesight that is not up to the mark can be really disturbing, which is why those who have weak eyesight try to find ways through which they can improve it. There are various reasons for weak eyesight and for improving eyesight. What can be better to improve vision by simple eye exercises.

There are some simple eye exercises to improve vision which include blinking, palming, Figure of eight, near and far focussing and zooming. Starting with the first that is blinking; for every next two minutes blink every two to three seconds. After doing this for two minutes you will feel that your eyes are relaxed and some kind of strain is removed. Computer users and when you are watching television you tend to blink less, thereafter, when you blink you go in a period of darkness which helps to remove the strain from your eyes.

Another eye exercise to improve vision is palming your eyes by resting your elbows on your knees and sitting comfortably, enclosing your eyes in the palms of your hands. You shall make sure your not putting pressure on your eyes and have left enough space for eyes to blink. Zooming is another effective eye exercise to improve vision. Sitting in a comfortable position focus on your thumb, gradually bring it closer to your eyes, still focussing till it is 3 inches away from your eyes. Then, move your thumb away until your arm is in a full out stretched position. Doing this exercise several times a day can surely help improve vision and for healthy functioning of the eye muscles. Near and far focussing is a similar exercise for eyes and after removing your thumb from the sight you should switch to an object that is ten to twenty feet away.

The effective Bates eye exercises

October 28th, 2011

Eyes are an integral part of our lives and one cannot even imagine life without this organ. Despite it being so important, most of us do not take proper care of it and it leads to vision problems. Generally, there cure lies in the constant usage of spectacles, contacts or extensive eye surgeries. However, another method is both effective and safe. Eye exercises is the word and a specific category including bates eye exercises is very popular.

According to Bates, rest makes vision better while stress has the opposite effect. Several ways of resting the eyes are:

Want an eye exercise for lazy eye?

October 27th, 2011

lazy eye exerciseLazy eye is caused when one of the two eyes starts to loose its vision. This happens because of a problem caused in between the brain and the neural pathways. The solution to this problem is exercise, yes there are special exercises designed for lazy eyes but the real question is that which one should one opt for? It is true that some people opt for surgery but most people suggest that one should think of the surgery as the last option, and before they opt for it, they must try all other possible options.

The exercises for lazy eye will help recover from it. You can do these exercises with whatever the doctor recommends. What these exercises basically do is strengthen the eye muscle and that will be a therapy for your eye. You should always consult your doctor before practicing any sort of exercise as he or she knows what the best is for you. The exercises listed on different websites are mostly general exercises, but the exercise that one does, depends from person to person. That is why it is important to consult a doctor and know what the best is for you.

The beneficial Bates Eye exercises

October 25th, 2011

Eyes and vision are the most important part of our everyday life. However, this organ is the one that is used most carelessly, as proven by the increasing number of people with weaker visions. There are several methods to improve the weak vision; laser surgery, spectacles and proper diet tops the list. Another remedial method is there that is far more benefitting than any other is. It is doing the eye exercises with the correct precision and method. Bates eye exercises is one popular type that has brought about great results for many people.

The causes of weaker vision can make a list that goes on. All causes result in one problem; weaker vision, be it be near-sightedness, far-sightedness or any other condition like astigmatism. The theory acting as the base to bates eye exercises is his claim that all problems result because of the weaker ciliary muscles. The knots in the eye muscles caused by excessive strain lead to deterioration of the vision.

Bates eye exercises include palming, visualization, movement and sunning.

Hand eye coordination exercises

October 24th, 2011

Hand eye coordination exercisesHand eye coordination is required to perform day to day activities. Without coordination between hands and eyes, a person can end up being unable to do even the simplest of tasks. It is a way through which everyday tasks are performed. It involves a coordinated hand and vision movement for the execution of an activity for example, picking up a book and putting it somewhere else or moving solid objects like wooden blocks from one place to another etc. Hand eye coordination must be very good in players who play sports such as tennis, football, golf etc. These players have to have excellent hand eye coordination.

Many hand eye coordination exercises are there for those who want to improve their coordination. They involve workout for both, hands and eyes. These hand eye coordination exercises include exercises such as racquet sports, speed bag drills, video games, wall balls etc.

Racquet sports are similar to ping pong. You are basically required to respond to the movement of a person with a ball in your hand. The fast moving people in front of your eyes provoke you to think quickly and throw a ball at them correctly so that it hits them and you win the game. The more you play this game, the better you get at playing it and eventually end up improving your hand eye coordination.

Speed bag drills also help in improving coordination especially for boxers. Boxers have to have good hand eye coordination or else they’ll be down for a million times. They must shield and attack again and again which is why they too benefit from the speed bag drills.

Motor skills and visual perception of a person is improved quite a lot through video games. Players often learn hand eye coordination by playing video games.

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